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([personal profile] gakusei Dec. 15th, 2009 01:32 am)
So I'm at that point again where I've committed myself to too many things and am going to end up dropping half of them in order to just get by on the other half.

-Apped L and was accepted at a game on LJ. (Survival Horror based)
-Still have many, many fics to write for the citrus_taste comm on LJ.
-Am in the process of apping Mello in a crack!RP (dear god, why am I doing this to him)
-Want to get at least one goddamn chapter up for my LightxMikami
-Am in the preliminary stages of planning a multi-chap MelloxMatt (Mystery-based, some yaoi) that I refuse to post a single chapter of until it's all finished.
-Became a beta for this chick on because I was feeling all vigilante-ish

And the fucked part is that I'm really not looking forward to dropping any of these things. :/


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