Title: Questions
Fandom: Death Note
Character(s): Mello. Mentions of L and Matt.
Rating: PG?
Word Count: 317
A/N: This isn't that oneshot I mentioned that I was going to write. Just a drabble. Nothing to see here. :p

He keeps thinking that L will come back soon, though he knows from past experience that it’s not going to happen. Mello knows that he’s gone for a while this time, working on the Kira case. He’s not supposed to know that. That’s why he didn’t mention it to L the last time he came home; his eyes a lot darker than usual and his attention hardly on Mello at all.

He thinks that L knows who Kira is, because it’s already been almost a year since L’s visits became less and less frequent and really, L knows everything. There’s no way that L could investigate a case of this caliber for this amount of time and not know who it is he’s investigating. Only an idiot would believe that.

He thinks that L is fucking someone close to the case, though the only proof Mello has are the very visible bite marks L had on his shoulder, close to his neck, when he bent down to retrieve a fallen pencil and the loose fabric of his collar became slightly askew. Mello didn’t say anything, but he saw. And he knows that L knows he saw.

Mello can’t imagine L actually taking time off of a case to involve himself in a relationship, even if it’s just sex. Shit, he hardly bothers to even come home anymore. That’s why he knows it’s someone working with him. Matt laughed and said it would be funny if L was fucking Kira. It really wasn’t funny, at all. Matt really does have a fucked sense of humor.

They’re not supposed to talk about stuff like that, though. Not when it comes to L.

But when Roger calls Mello and Near into his office on “urgent matters,” Mello thinks that maybe once, just once, he should have put aside his pride and asked L about what the hell was going on.


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