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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:New Jersey, United States of America

"I remember when infomercials were the coagulating shit of television and no one got famous as a result of appearing in them."

Iced coffee is my god. Buy me some.

LJ Username: Rebukes

All of my fics are here. Well, most of them. I'll attempt to update it regularly ~Site courtesy of the awesome [personal profile] inugrrrl &hearts

Or you can take the lazy route and go here.

Interests (150):

abnormal psychology, aesthetics, angst, anime, apocalyptic scenarios, arguing, arpee, art, b movies, banter, beauty, bishies, black eyeliner, books, bread, challenges, comparative religion, cosplay, cowboy bebop, creativity, dancing, darkness, death note, despair, destroying, discovery channel, dreaming, eating your head, eleventy-one, elizabeth b√°thory, explaining the unexplainable, exploring, eyeliner, faggotry, failed pop-culture, fall, fanfiction, final fantasy, flcl, fma, frailty, fucktards, gaming, grammar, hair, hair dye, having exactly 150 interests, hentai, hope, horror, humanity, humbuggery, iced coffee, immense fear, immortal defense, indie rock, industrial, intrigue, inuyasha, iron chef, j-rock, kingdom hearts, laughing, laughing at shit, learning, linguistics, listening, literature, living, logic, logical fallacies, love, manga, mirage of blaze, monster, most people, movies, music, music you hate, my homies, my own jokes, myself, nintendo, no you shut up, not jess's parrot, not shipping everything, not you, observations, obtaining the unobtainable, opposition, orson scott card, overriding your codes, parchment, period pieces, philsophy, photography, pissing you off, poetry, project a-ko, psychology, purple stuff, pwning in general, quentin tarantino, rain, rants, rationalization, reading, really gay music, rebuilding, resident evil 4, rock, rpgs, sad songs, sakujo, samurai champloo, science fiction, semantics, silence, silent hill, slash, sleep, sleepy pants, slothing, smirking, smut, solving, some shit, spying, srs bsns, storytelling, super smash bros, tetris, the duality of man, the mars volta, the twilight zone, the victorian era, the wicked, theoretical astrophysics, unnecessary emoticons, vampire hunter d, water, winning, winter, writing, yaoi, your boobs, your logic is wrong, zelda, zombies, ¬°forward russia!
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