-Blatantly bad characterization (aka, not knowing your character from a random dickwad on the street)

This generally happens when someone only sees their character and doesn’t pay attention to him/her to the point where you can actually get inside of the character’s head, think how they would think,(and when I say this, I’m not suggesting that you attempt to “become” your character. Do not blow up my house.) understand not only their mannerisms, but the motivations behind their mannerisms.

I look at it like this: If you were in love with someone, you would want to know everything about them, yes? You want to know their favorite food and why it’s their favorite food. You want to know why they act a certain way or take a certain position on things. You want to know why they have that scar on their knee. What their favorite music is and why, where they come from, environmentally and otherwise. You get the point.

Treat your character like a lover. And no, this doesn’t mean go smut them up. But hey, it happens. Actually, stalk your character. Stalking uncovers secrets. You want these secrets so you can exploit them to your benefit.

Go, right now. Rant about your character, even if it’s completely without structure. Get to know them, understand them, and then compare what you think you know to the hard facts and fix your damn characterization.

Also, as a brief note, a very wise person with whom I no longer speak gave me what is possibly the best advice I've ever received: When it comes to dialogue, if it sounds retarded coming out of your mouth, it's just as awkward on a screen.

The true test: If a person possesses excellent characterization, they can throw their char into the most insane AU that they can muster and still have him/her behave perfectly IC.

Am I perfect? Hell no. Far from it. I see players who pwn my ten paragraphs with one sentence. But I understand what it takes to learn.
The year 2010.

In the heart of a Cambridge research facility, a virus has broken out. Spreading slowly at first, it nearly flew under the radar and for the most part, was left unaddressed.

Little by little, the virus has spread, until it is now threatening to overtake civilization as we know it. In the midst of this, there is Kira: God to some, murderer to others, running rampant in the midst of all of this chaos, using the frazzled state of the world’s security forces to his advantage.

With the level of chaos rising daily, will order ever be restored?

More importantly, how will you survive?


Callidus is a Death Note based, survival horror AU. Both canon and original characters are welcome.

Board Information
So, a while back, I mentioned potentially opening up a DN game over here on DW.

Well, we've gone for it. But after some consideration, it was decided that a board-based game would be better for all parties involved.

And so here we have it:


Callidus is a DN-based AU survival horror RPG. (Yes, you heard correctly)

We are currently still under construction, but I wanted to put the word out there to some people on my f-list so they can have a heads up if they want to reserve apps for any canon characters. OCs are also welcome. However, we will be weeding out Mary Sues and Gary Stus.

All characters, save for L and Beyond Birthday, are still open.

So come, check it out, and if you're interested in reserving, just register and comment in the appropriate area.